Shipping and Delivery Policy

Tracking Packages
Tracking numbers are emailed to the address you entered when order was placed or the main email address on your Store Account, as soon as the package leaves our warehouse. Please contact us, if you have not received your tracking information within 48 hours of your order.

Tracking numbers are not available for any first class or international priority mail packages. If these methods are selected during order process or are requested by completing a Mail Authorization Form, it is understood that there will be no insurance purchased nor tracking provided and that package delivery risks are the sole responsibility of the receiver.

Shipping Carriers
Most of our shipments are handled by UPS and the Postal Service (USPS). We also have relationships with FedEx and DHL and may ship using these providers from time to time, upon our sole discretion. If must ship via alternate carrier from method selected during checkout, we will attempt to contact you first with information regarding the change. If there is a significant difference in the pricing between the two methods, we may issue an invoice or credit for the amount of difference.

Shipment Options & Exceptions
We offer our preferred clients and resellers the option to ship or drop-ship using their Shipper Account, upon request. This option is normally available for air shipments only and may be subject to a third-party shipment processing fee of up to $14, or a drop-shipment fee of up to $30.

PO Boxes
As a general rule, orders cannot be shipped to PO boxes, due to UPS and Federal Express restrictions. Exceptions can be made on a case by case basis when shipment method chosen is USPS Priority Mail.

Non-Delivery, Damage and Insurance Investigations
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to track and verify the delivery of products purchased from
If tracking information indicates and issue or if package has not been received with 60 days of shipment, you must contact Findallparts will work with our shipping providers and provide details directly to you once available. Some investigations can take up to a month to conduct based upon the cause of delay and the carrier of shipment. Please understand that we have no control over delay times, especially those caused by Customs or other Government involvement.

It is the responsibility of the receiver to notify us immediately upon identification of possible tampering with or damage to a package. If you receive a damaged or opened package, you must also report this immediately to the carrier delivering package. If package was delivered in your absence, contact the courier immediately upon identification of an issue and make sure to note any case/reference number they provide. Also, please take digital photos of the condition of the box and/or its contents immediately and contact us with the specific details. Findallparts.netwill make every attempt to initiate and process an insurance claim on your behalf, however we cannot guarantee a claim will be successful. Due to the delays and uncertainty of insurance claim processing, we will be unable to ship replacement parts until claim is closed and monies received. If there is an urgent need for an item, customer must purchase a new item and Findallparts will refund original purchase price upon receipt of reimbursement from Insurance Company

If Findallparts is not notified of failure to deliver package within 60 days, it is assumed that customer has received the package. After 90 days from shipment, due to courier tracking limitations, we have no resources available to locate package and will be unable to assist you. Please avoid this problem by keeping close contact with Findallparts if you suspect your package has been misplaced/lost/stolen.

International Shipping
Findallparts.netregularly ships to customers all over the world! Please contact us if you would like an International shipping quote, or have any questions regarding shipping methods available for your country.

Address /Alternate Shipping Address & Information Verification Policy
Address verification is a precautionary measure we take to ensure your safety and prevent fraud. Phone and online shopping does not allow us to request traditional forms of identification, e.g. a driver’s license, like a standard walk-in retail outlet. Instead we conduct address verification though our merchant services and/or your credit/debit card issuer to confirm your identity and verify the validity of your purchase, thereby ultimately protecting your credit. Orders with
different Bill to and Ship to addresses may experience delayed processing, dependent upon the amount of time required to verify the validity of information provided.
Both your billing and shipping addresses are verified before an order ships. If you would like to ship to an address other than your billing address, it is best to contact your card issuing bank and have your shipping address added as an alternate shipping address to your card. Simply let the card issuer know that you are placing a phone/online order and the retailer needs to verify the address before shipment to eliminate the possibility of fraudulent activity

Information Verification & Suspected Fraud

During our verification process, we may contact you via telephone, email or direct mail. We may also contact the credit card company, issuing bank or obtain additional information from third-party sources. If the information provided does not coincide with information on file, if you do not respond to our emails or phone messages regarding pending order, or there
is reason to believe that the card is being used fraudulently, we will cancel the order immediately and request that it be re- entered using verifiable information.
If you have reason to believe that your card may have been used fraudulently for purchase of merchandise from, please contact us directly and we will work with you to verify the validity of a charge and if necessary, assist in the process of reporting fraud to your Credit Card issuer.
If it is determined that customer information is being used fraudulently, we will cooperate to the fullest extent with law enforcement agencies.