Compatible With Yaskawa CIMR-AU2A0069FAA Variable Frequency Drive

Compatible With Yaskawa CIMR-AU2A0069FAA Variable Frequency Drive

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Yaskawa CIMR-AU2A0069FAA Variable Frequency Drive A1000 AC Drive 200-240 VAC Constant Torque with input options of either Three Phase: 25 Hp 69 Amp or (Single Phase: 7.5 Hp 24 Amp) Industrial VFD. Outstanding performance Constant Torque producing up to 200% troque, Autotuning automatically compensates for changes in motor temperature, Inertial autotune automatiocally sets gains for speed and torque loops, Dead-Time compensation drastically reduces torque ripple, High Frequency Injection enables high precision control without feedback. Easy to configure for simple or complex applications with it’s Application Wizard. LCD display and keypad for local field access. Built in memory, parameter storage and application presets. with monitoring and diagnostic panels. Preventative maintenance monitors, highly reliable and easily replaced cooling fans, removable I/O terminal board, auxilary control power input for network communication and ebedded functional safety. PID control regulates the process variable, Droop control automatically adjusts motor slip, function block programming for your application of choice.


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Drive Type A1000
Control Panel LCD with Keypad)
Drive Model CIMR-AU
VFD Output Phases Three Phase Output
VFD Input Phases Single Phase Input
VFD Input Phases Three Phase Input
VFD Voltage 240 Volt
Enclosure Chassis Protected Nema 1
Horsepower-3 Phase Input For Motor 25 HP
Amps-1 Phase Input For Motor 24 Amp
Amps-3 Phase Input For Motor 69 Amp
Horsepower-1 Phase Input For Motor 7.5 HP
Torque Constant Torque