Compatible With Uni-Guide Linear Actuator Systems

Compatible With Uni-Guide Linear Actuator Systems

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The Uni-Guide Driven System is based on the D075, D100 and D125 aluminum rail and carriage assemblies.  Uni-Guide driven systems are available in custom lengths with a precision lead screw drive mechanism installed. The Frelon GOLD® plane bearing material is bonded to the carriage eliminating all metal-to-metal contact and shaft damage. Frelon GOLD® is self-lubricating and does not require external lubrication.  Uni-Guide driven systems are contaminant resistant and can tolerate vibration. The lead screw is 303 stainless steel with a TFE coating. The carriage is driven with a self-lubricating, polyacetal, anti-backlash nut that can driven by standard NEMA 17, 23, and 34 stepper motors. Other drive options including servo motors are also available upon request.

  • D075, D100 and D125  Uni-Guide sizes available
  • Lead screw driven
  • Strokes up to 1740 mm (68.5”) available
  • Normal carriage loads up to 4448 N (1000 lbs)
  • Maximum speed up to 1.5 m/s (300 ft/min)

Features & Benefits

  • Single piece rail – lightweight and eliminates tolerance stackup
  • Self-lubricating Frelon GOLD™ provides low wear, low friction, and high strength
  • Mounting Flexibility
  • Pre-drilled rails
  • T-slots & mounting holes on the carriages
  • Side or top mounting
  • Easy drop-in unit – no unit alignment necessary

Some Available Options

  • Hand Brake & Crank
  • Vise Block
  • Ratchet Pin
  • Motor Mount
  • End Block
  • Pin-Lock Quick Positioning Clamp


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