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Plate evaporator, or plate type evaporator is widely used in light industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical, paper, environmental protection and other industries due to their high efficiency and energy saving.

With high efficiency (the total transfer coefficient is 2-4 times of the tube evaporator), compact structure, convenient disassembly and cleaning, low liquid holding capacity, short time of materials at high temperature, etc., The plate evaporator is suitable for concentration  of various materials., such as concentration in milk powder and condensed milk production, and concentration in juice, beverage, and pharmaceutical production.

Plate evaporators should be considered for applications that have:

  • Capacities up to 27,000 kg/h water removal
  •  A need for future expansion
  • Limited head space
  • A particle size smaller than 600 Micron.

Particular features

  • Use of different heating media – due to plate geometries, the system can be heated with both hot water as well as with steam.
  • High product quality – due to especially gentle and uniform evaporation during single-pass operation.
  • Little space required – due to compact design, short connecting lines and small overall height of max. 4 – 6 m.
  • Easy installation requiring little time – due to pre-assembled, transportable construction units.
  • Flexible evaporation rates – by adding or removing plates.
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning – as plate packages can be easily opened.


  • Improved product quality. The short heat contact period resulting from single
    pass operation and low liquid holdup eliminates product deterioration even when
    highly heat sensitive liquids are involved. The resulting concentrate is of the
    highest quality possible.
  • Higher product concentration. The variety of plate evaporators available from
    SPX allows custom concentrates to be produced. Ninety seven percent total
    solids or better are possible depending on feed material characteristics.
  • Low liquid holdup. Very little product is actually in the plate evaporator at any
    time. This permits rapid start-up and shutdown with minimal waste. Small
    quantities of product may be processed economically.
  • Easily cleaned. All stainless steel surfaces within the plate packs are fully
    accessible for easy cleaning. Normal CIP is done with low consumption of
    cleaning chemicals due to the low liquid holdup.
  • Flexible capacity. By simply adding or removing plate units, varying evaporation
    rates may be achieved. Large expansions are possible with additional frames
    and plate units.
  • Low installation costs. Due to the compact size and low weight, no cranes or
    special foundations are required for installation. Typically, an existing building on
    site is suitable and installation time is minimal.



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