Plate And Shell Heat Exchanger

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Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger is designed as a performance upgrade over shell & tube heat exchanger and welded, brazed plate heat exchangers. This heat exchanger type supplies high thermal performance with compact size, similar to that of gasketed plate heat exchangers, with low hold-up volume and low installed weight, especially when filled. But it can be applied well when the operation condition is high temp and high pressure to which gasketed plate heat exchangers cannot be applied.

The heart of the Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger is its heat transfer element, also called the plate core/package, composed of round or oblong chevron-type plates welded into a cassette.

What are the advantages of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger?

  • High heat transfer & Low fouling
  • Compact structure & No gasket
  • High pressure & High temperature
  • Small terminal temperature difference & Low pressure drop



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W W1 D D1 L Plate+Tube Shell+Tube
240 98 250 168.3 N*2.4+2 DN15 DN(15-80)
448 134.6 310 219.1 N*2.4+3 DN20 DN(20-100)
469 174 368 269 N*2.4+4 DN40 DN(25-200)
565 277 460 355 N*2.8+4 DN50 DN(25-300)
600 298 694 464 N*2.8+6 DN80 DN(25-350)
693 338 725 559 N*2.8+6 DN100 DN(25-400)
1520 650 1250 1016 N*3.2+6 DN150 DN(25-700)
1828 900 1548 1372 N*3.2+8 DN300 DN(25-1000)
2098 1000 1838 1562 N*3.2+8 DN350 DN(25-1200)