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The MTE linear actuator is a design where the motor mounts to the carriage and the body traverses; which makes an ideal fit for vertical lift applications.  The body is constructed from a 55 mm x 55 mm (2.17 in x 2.17 in) anodized aluminum profile; allowing for corrosion resistance in severe environments.  The linear actuators outer surfaces are precision extruded, providing for flush mounting on both sides and the base to facilitate a qualified, clean and easy installation.  T-slots along the full body length  allow for the unit to be mounted in numerous orientations and for ancillary items, such as sensors, to be mounted directly to its body.

Linear motion is provided by a steel reinforced timing belt.  Belts provide for high speed, high force and high acceleration while maintaining accurate positioning.  Applications requiring long lengths of travel are optimum for using belt drives over screw drives mainly due to not being subjected to vibrations caused by the screws when reaching ‘critical speed’.  Smooth running, low noise and low maintenance are other benefits when using belt drive systems.

Linear guidance is through re-circulating ball bearing runner blocks traveling on hardened and ground profile rails.  The unique carriage design and bearing placement boasts for high load and moment capacity.  The profile rail and bearing design provide high rigidity, accuracy and speed with low friction, noise and vibration for the carriage.

The MTE linear actuator excels in harsh environments of several different industries. Food and Beverage, vertical conveyance, pick and place, packaging, automotive, and medical are all examples where the MTE actuator has a proven track record.

Features include:


  • Stroke lengths up to 1 m (39 in)
  • Carriage load up to 3300 N (742 lbf)
  • Maximum moments up to 220 Nm (1947 lb•in)
  • Speeds up to 1 m/s (39 in/s)
  • Repeatability ± 0.05 mm (± 0.002 in)

Anodized Aluminum Housing & Carriage

  • 55 mm x 55 mm (2.17 in x 2.17 in) body profile
  • Fully enclosed housing with ball guided rail
  • Precision extruded profile—precision mounting surfaces on sides and bottom
  • Corrosion resistant

Ball Guided Rail system

  • Re-circulating ball bearing runner blocks
  • Hardened and ground profile rail
  • High rigidity and accuracy
  • Low friction and high speed
  • Low noise and vibration

Belt Driven

  • Steel reinforced timing belt – high speed, high force and high acceleration
  • High repeatable positioning
  • Long travel length
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance – adjustable belt tensioning

T-slots for mounting

  • Integrated in housing for fixing ease and compactness
  • Integrated in carriage for fixture or plate mounting
  • Direct sensor mounting on body

Accessories & Additional Options

  • Actuator mounting clamps
  • Limit switches & brackets
  • Couplings and connecting line shafts
  • Several carriage options
  • Motor and gear reducer mounts
  • Gear reducers
  • Extended length carriage
  • Shaft extension at the idler end
  • Cable carrier
  • Controllers


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