Compatible With Giordano Colombo Spindle Motors

Compatible With Giordano Colombo Spindle Motors

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Giordano Colombo spindle motors include RA, RC, RS, and RV Series, with different cooling methods. Spindles with manual tool change (MTC) and automatic tool change (ATC) spindles can be ordered. Please note, stock availability and lead times may vary. Sometimes, lead times can be long for special orders. In addition, some used Colombo spindle motors are available.

Manual tool change (MTC) spindles: available in a multitude of cooling, tool receptacles, speed ranges and power ranges are synonymous of versatility, simplicity, easy use in continue machining also in difficult machining environments.

Automatic tool change (ATC) spindles: with the first to develop this kind of spindles, that optimize to the maximum the production times, guaranteeing at the same time, power and reliability, Colombo offers a wide series of automatic tool change spindles that covers the entire market question for all the precise machining where is also required power and high speed.

Cutting wood, plastic or aluminum using straight tools below 0.75” diameter at feed rates around 300 to 600 in/minute, use spindles between 5 and 10 HP, 12,000 to 24,000. Heavy- duty demands including large profile tools over 1,0” diameter at high feed rates of 500 to 3000 inches/minute in high-density materials, eg. phenolic, hardwood or aluminum, use higher power spindles, 10 to 20 HP, from 9,000 to 18,000 rpm.

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