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Danfoss 131B0072 VLT Automation VT Drive FC302 460 VAC Three Phase 10 Hp 15 Amp Industrial Enhanced Performance Variable Frequency Drive FC302P5K5T5E20H2BGXXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX. FC 301 VFD’s are Enhanced performance VVC plus vector-based performance which are open/closed loop capableand exposed heat sink for general industrial applications. Includes enhanced features like Safe stop input function approved, Permanent magnet motor algorithm, Flux vector control, Automatic Energy Optimizing, Controlled ramp down, Flying start-catch spinning motor, ProfiSafe option. Also includes standard VLT features like Smart Logic Control, Logic Rule Control, Local Control Panel numerical or graphical, (Macro) Personal Menu, Change made restore previous setting, Password Protection, Analog input 0 to 10 V, Analog output resolution 12 bit, PC connection RS485 adn USB, Default motor data, Process PID Controller, Precise Start/Stop, 8 Preset References, Digipotmeter, Ramp functions: linear and S ramps, Overvoltage Control, Variable switching frequency 1-16 kHz, Voltage Vector control, External 24 V backup option, Motion Control Options: MCO 350/351.


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Drive Type VLT
Frame Type A3 Frame
Enclosure Chassis (Protected IP20)
Control Panel Numerical or Graphical Control Panel
Drive Model FC 302
VFD Output Phases Three Phase Output
VFD Input Phases Three Phase Input
VFD Voltage 480 Volt
Horsepower-3 Phase Input For Motor 7.5 HP
Amps-3 Phase Input For Motor 11 Amp
Torque Constant Torque